GM ☀️

GM frens 👋

Communities that GM together, stay together

At Token Page, we absolutely love when people say GM - it really makes our day.

We realized over the last year that the communities that GM together stay together, and we found ourselves having more fun in these communities too. So we built GM!

It's super simple, just visit the page, connect your wallet and GM - that's it! 😄

But, why?

Well, if you GM you're signalling to the world that you're still here and are in web3 for the vibes. Plus, you stand to win prizes!

I'm worried about my security 🔓

Firstly, we get it. Web3 is a bit of a cess-pool and it's hard to know who to trust. The good part is, actually, you shouldn't trust anyone, not even us. Whenever you try to connect to a website you should always be super careful because there are hundreds of ways you could be scammed.

For GM specifically, here's what you should be wary of - we will never ask you to sign a transaction, ever! We will only ask you to connect to your wallet and then sign a message to confirm you control the waller. If you don't know the difference between signing a transaction and signing a message just reach out to us, we're always super happy to show people exactly what it means.

If you don't even want to connect your wallet because it has all your best NFTs and you're super skeptical, we invite you to use delegation. It's a super easy way for you to allow one wallet to take non-transactional actions on behalf of another. So you could (e.g.) allow your hot wallet to say GM on your cold-wallets behalf. To use this just head over to Delegate.Cash and use the app there. Once you've delegated a wallet, it will automatically work in GM 🚀